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How to Quickly Identify Your Components to Limit Downtime


It is very common for customers to request parts for a broken down axle without knowing exactly what parts they are looking for. Or maybe they are servicing something for the first time and they need an expert to help them figure it out what’s needed. Downtime can be significantly cut if you know how to quickly identify the component that needs attention.

For example, often you will only know the manufacturer of the axle: Carraro, Dana Spicer Off-Highway, Twin Disc, ZF, Kessler or Eaton Airflex but not know how to ID it. Without fail the unit that is down is need back up and running fast! Having this information ready for the service provider will put you ahead of curve in expediting your fix. A great service company can provide you solutions with only a few spec numbers.

To start you will need to gather the following baseline information:

  • What type of axle do you have?
  • What make, model and or equipment is it in?
  • Do you have any serial numbers?
  • What is the failure you are experiencing?
  • When do you need the unit up and running?

How Unit Tags Can Help

All units have a tag that tells the service provider exactly what’s needed. Here are some helpful tips when gathering information from the unit tag.

1. Start by getting a notepad and pen, small flashlight, some WD-40, Brake Cleaner or spray on lubricant and a rag and head out to your machine. Also, bring your smart phone in case you need to text or email a picture.

2. Locate the component that needs work and give it a good look. Start by looking for a tag.

  • Often the tag will be hard to see because of conditions, so use your flashlight and if you see the tag a good cleaning/wiping may be necessary.
  • Write down all the info on the tag.

3. Look for any numbers you can find on the housing or casting.

4. Take pictures of the component, the tag and of the equipment itself.

Now it’s time to call the experts! The service team at Palmer Johnson Power Systems is ready to assist you in finding the correct technical information, part breakdowns, service manuals or give you an estimate on service fast. We have access to over $20m in parts, new units and reman units ready and waiting, plus our warehouse ships until 6 pm CST. To find out more call (800-341-4334) or email (sales@pjpower) today!

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