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NEW- Twin Disc MGE Series

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We are excited to announce the official release of the new Twin Disc MGE series of Marine Gears. These marine gearboxes were specifically designed for Electric and Serial Hybrid Propulsion when the application requires a direct power response with a reduction ratio.


The MGE Series models require no reverse gears, wet clutch, or advanced high-pressure hydraulic circuit. A built-in bi-directional oil pump provides lubrication, and built-in thrust bearings deliver superior performance over industrial gearboxes. These new gearboxes provide immediate power from the motor, whether the shaft is turning clockwise or counter-clockwise, with the optimum reduction ratio for efficient, environmentally friendly propulsion.

While this is the official release of this new series, the first MGE series gearboxes have now been used for 10 years. In 2011 we installed one of the first MGE series gearboxes in an electric-powered sight-seeing vessel in Northern California. These first gearboxes are still in operation today and have been providing daily service since 2011.

MGE gearboxes offer a profitable, sustainable, powerful choice for owners, fleet operators, shipyards, and naval architects. You can rely on Twin Disc and Palmer Johnson Power Systems’ commitment to solving marine industry challenges while contributing to a cleaner world.

Connect with our Marine Team to help your next vessel build or convert to a hybrid or electric application!


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  • 90% of components in common with diesel-driven marine transmissions
  • Simplified design without a clutch
  • Simplified hydraulic circuit
  • Bi-directional gear-driven lube oil pump
  • Built-In thrust bearing

Download Twin Disc's MGE Brochure


  • Robust and proven design
  • Ability to match optimum propeller rpm
  • Simple and reliable
  • Handles propeller thrust—no need for external thrust bearing
  • Easy installation: drops into existing MG/MGX envelope


  • SAE or freestanding connection with the e-motor
  • Mounted heat exchanger
  • SAE input coupling selection
  • Bolt-on mounting brackets
  • Companion flange
  • Type approval & unit certification on request

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