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REFRESH: LWT John Deere Powered Booster Pumps

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Palmer Johnson RECON teamed up with Michels Corporation to Refresh several Liquid Waste Technology (LWT) John Deere powered M250 Booster Pumps. These units work hard moving sediment, sand, and gravel from the surface floor through a pipe or hose to an output site for disposal purposes, ensuring there's enough pressure on hand at all times!

The booster pump ensures these important machines do their job every time - without fail. The RECON team thoroughly inspected, rebuilt, or replaced all pump components, including Engine, PTO, and Pump Assembly.

Customer Driven Process

The RECON process is customer-driven. We work with our customers on all of our RECON projects to ensure we meet the budget and scope of work that gives their equipment the extended life they need. All work is completed by trained and certified techs who take pride in turning out a quality piece of equipment.

Once our technicians take apart your machine, the findings are shared via a detailed service report, including pictures of what was found and recommendations for needed repairs. Once we complete your refresh or reman, each component and finished piece of equipment is tested and covered under our RECON Warranty.

Custom, Quality Solutions

The RECON programs provide a quality solution with sizable savings over buying new. Our team is here to help with anything in your fleet. Don't hesitate to contact Mike Kadinger or Susan Schuster to learn more about our RECON facility, which is part of the Palmer Johnson Enterprises family.

Susan Schuster, National Equipment Services Manager

608-712-2715, [email protected]

Mike Kadinger, Equipment Service Sales & Tech Support

608-285-2538, [email protected]

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