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Industrial SAE Housing & Flywheel Specifications

There are 2 Engine Standards - Commercial SAE (On-Highway Engines) and Industrial SAE (Off-Highway/Marine Engines). Flywheel Housings and Flywheels are different between Commercial and Industrial engines.

The product lines offered by PJPS revolve around Off-Highway/Marine applications that use Industrial SAE Engine J620D and J617C standards and include PTO’s, pump drives, torque converters, and transmissions. The core manufacturers represented by PJPS that offer these product lines are Twin Disc, Funk, Durst, ZF, Dana/Spicer, Carraro, and Cotta.

SAE stands for "Society of Automotive Engineers," an American organization that sets standards for engineering professionals. Some of the standards it sets are those of flywheel housings J617C and flywheels J620D documents. The engine flywheel housing is static and sits around the outside of the flywheel. The flywheel is the part of the engine that spins and transmits the power to the application load.

This standard breaks down the measurements into numerical values and, therefore, limits the options. In addition, this standardization allows easy coupling to most engines that follow the same Industrial SAE standards. To determine the SAE adaption in your specific application, simply match your dimensions to the chart below and arrive at a combination of SAE adaptions. See the below charts for SAE flywheel housing dimensions (also called SAE bell housings) along with SAE flywheel dimensions.

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SAE Flywheel Dimensions:

SAE Flywheel

SAE Flywheel Housing / Bell Housing Dimensions:

SAE Flywheel Housing
SAE Housing Flywheel Specifications

SAE Housing & Flywheel Specifications

Learn how to take a few of these measurements from Jim:

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