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Spotlight on Twin Disc Revitalized Industrial Product Offering & New Product Roadmap

    100 Years of Trusted Twin Disc Solutions

    As Palmer Johnson celebrates our 40th year, Twin Disc is getting ready to celebrate their 100th year. This partnership has stood the test of time and today we are proud to spotlight an innovative new line of Industrial Products by Twin Disc featuring the same trusted design, engineered quality, and world-wide service network that we have counted on for decades. Palmer Johnson is looking to make a significant inventory investment in the Twin Disc industrial product to support our customers over the coming decades. We know that meeting production deadlines is essential to our customers and we want to be prepared. We also want to be prepared with spare parts for retrofits and repowers. In order to do this we will need to get feedback from our customer base of OEM's, Engine Dealers and Equipment fleet owners on which sizes and models they believe will be most impactful to them.

    Roadmap to the Future

    Today, we are going to discuss the new products in detail and then our goal is to follow-up with some field questions to help better understand where there might be opportunities to help our customers introduce these new products.

    At Twin Disc, innovation is key. Since 1918, the company has taken the time to continuously introduce and improve upon new products for the marine and industrial off-highway markets. Their long-standing reputation to meet customers’ greatest demands and needs is due to their ability to take risks, be cutting-edge, and cultivate a robust team of application engineers who listen, problem solve and design expertly-engineered products.

    In the industrial off-highway market, Twin Disc has made its mark by offering a full range of products from clutches and converters, to transmission systems and hydraulic power take-offs. “Our diverse product offerings allows us to provide value-added drivetrain solutions,” said Andy Conaty, product manager for Twin Disc’s industrial line. “OEMs count on us for the rugged-duty, off-highway components they need to fit their complex applications.”

    New Hydraulic PTO Family

    Becoming popular among OEMs is Twin Disc’s new family of hydraulic power take-offs (HPTOs). The line includes three models that feature three distinct power ranges—500, 800 and 1200 horsepower (HP). The HP1200 and HP800 models both offer an integral charge pump for a more compact design, and an optional integral reservoir. In addition, the two models feature a mechanical brake release in the event of an equipment jam. With the release, the operator simply pulls a lever to clear the jam, and no extra hydraulic equipment is needed.

    Another extraordinary feature of the HP1200 and HP800is the availability of four separate mounting pads in either a single (2-pads) or dual (4-pads) tower configuration. “The new line of HPTOs has been well received in the market and we look forward to serving current and future customers with these latest models,” said Conaty. “The HPTOs are typically used in heavy-duty applications such as crushers, grinders and dredges, as well as pumping, drilling and agricultural equipment.” The HP500 model will be released by end of summer 2017, completing the family. Conaty added, “The whole product family provides maximum side load capabilities, too, offering precision and efficiency.”

    Remotely Actuated PTOs

    Also recently added to the Twin Disc industrial product line is remotely actuated dry clutch power take-offs (PTOs). These PTOs are offered in two different models, the RO (Remote Over-Center) and RC (Remote Controlled). “Creating this was a result of listening to the market needs,” Conaty explained. “Having a remotely actuated dry clutch is a huge convenience and increases productivity. The operator no longer has to leave the cab to engage equipment if it is cold or rainy outside. The PTO is actuated by a push of a button from inside the cab. This also enhances safety and keeps operators away from moving parts.”

    The RC dry clutch PTOs feature a brand new design that is virtually maintenance-free. This PTO doesn’t have a pilot bearing, making it easy to install. Another benefit is that it requires no grease thanks to oil-lubricated bearings. The clutch is also self-adjusting, allowing for more machine up-time. The RC PTO is available in 11.5”, 14” and 18” engine flywheel sizes.

    The RO dry clutch PTO design is based on the SP series Twin Disc has used for decades. This proven design allows SP PTOs already in service to be easily converted to RO PTOs with a conversion kit. Another unique feature of the RO PTO is its internal actuation system that engages either hydraulically or pneumatically. When the RO PTO uses an over-center clutch, the hydraulic or pneumatic systems only operate for a few seconds (on demand) until the mechanism is shifted into place. The RO PTO is also available in 11.5”, 14” and 18” engine flywheel sizes.

    Wide Range of Control Options

    Twin Disc offers a range of controls complementary to the RO, RC and HPTO product lines. One of those is the TDEC-050 controller, used with RCs and HPTOs for smooth engagement and to protect the clutch. Twin Disc also offers a newly released graphical display that interfaces with the TDEC-050 to monitor the health and status of the PTO.

    All the aforementioned industrial, off-highway products offer what Twin Disc is best known for, longevity. Gearing up for its 100th year anniversary in 2018, the company continues to make products that make machines and vehicles more productive, reliable, durable, and operator-friendly.

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