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Are you in compliance with Subchapter M regulations?

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Quickly Approaching Deadline with USCG

By July 2020 all owners or managing operators need to be complying with Subchapter M requirements, is your fleet ready? Currently only 25% of the 6,000 recognized towing vessels in the U.S. have been issued COIs (Certificates of Inspection). By 2020 all single vessel operators will be required to have their COIs as well as 50% of any fleet in a multi-boat operation. When it comes to the vessel alarming and monitoring requirements in Subchapter M, Palmer Johnson has the solution for you. Palmer Johnson has partnered with Auto Maskin and their Marine Watch system to provide unparalleled monitoring and alarm capabilities for our customers to help obtain their COIs.

What parts of Subchapter M can Marine Watch help with?

The Marine Watch System can display

  • Main engine lubricating oil pressure, RPM, and coolant temperature.
  • Auxiliary generator engine lubricating oil pressure, RPM, and cooling water temperature.
  • Hydraulic steering fluid pressure (if the vessel is equipped with hydraulic steering systems).
Marine Watch Auto Maskin

Each towing vessel must have a reliable means to provide notification when an emergency condition exists or an essential system develops problems that require attention. Marine watch can monitor and report on:

  • Main engine low lubricating oil pressure or high cooling water temperature.
  • Auxiliary generator engine low lubricating oil pressure or high cooling water temperature.
  • High bilge levels, low hydraulic steering fluid levels, if applicable; and low fuel level, if fitted with a day tank.

Marine Watch Alarms:

  • Are visible and audible at each operating station and have continuous self-monitoring to tell if an alarm point has failed or is disabled.
  • Are capable of notifying users in any accommodation, work space, even works with night vision.
  • Can be installed with supplemental flashing lights in the engine room and any other area where background noise makes a general alarm hard to hear as well as public-address (PA) system to alert all persons on the vessel, this will continue until they are acknowledged.

Attractive, Effective, Scalable Design

The Marine Watch system is a highly effective and attractive alarm management system, with an easy to use operator interface displaying instant recognition of vessel status. Bringing alarm channels from multiple processes and multiple alarm panels into Marine Watch reduces risk, and gives the operator a clear view of vessel status. The 12.1″ color touchscreen in the Marine Watch Operator Panel is a marine grade high-resolution panel.

The system architecture is scalable and can be used in small to medium-sized installations. The I/O modules are in a separate cabinet, and communicates to the operator panel(s) on a standard ethernet cable. One or several operator panels can be installed for remote monitoring and response. Configuration is built right into the touch screen panel and access is protected with a PIN-code. No tools are required to create, adjust or modify alarms. Each channel can be configured with a button-text description up to three lines, delay time, inverted channel, etc. Additionally, the use of signal groups makes it possible, by simple means – to group signals that naturally belong together.

A built-in buzzer will sound in the event of an alarm, and the corresponding rectangle flashes in red. The alarm is then acknowledged by pressing the flashing rectangle. Fixed output channels provide indications for remote lights and buzzers for common alarm annunciation. Marine Watch I/O Panels can be supplied in 12 VDC and 24 VDC versions, in I/O capacities ranging from 60 and up to 120 switch channels. 8 or 16 analog input channels can be added by adding one or two of the optional MWA 8 Analog Inputs.

Palmer Johnson can help help you with Subchapter M and any other monitoring or alarm parameters needed for your application. Contact our marine team today!

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