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How We Test Our Remanufactured Cores

Ensuring that your power transmission will work after it is remanufactured or repaired can be tricky, we make it simple. All rebuilt/remanufactured units get their time on the test stand at Palmer Johnson Power Systems. By the time a reman unit hits one of our test stands, it is believed to be ready to go. We test to give our customers peace of mind. All nine of our locations are set up for testing the products that are serviced in each respective market. We can also adapt our testing to most any type of transmission.

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High Standards

The testing process normally takes 2 to 3 hours for most units, but it can take up to 8 hours for a full test. All testing is performed to the OEM’s original test specifications as well as original production standards. The majority of transmissions are tested with a 10 weight oil. We use this oil because it speeds up the warming process of the transmission while it's on the test stand. Other units such as axles, finial drives, and certain torque converters require special oils for testing.

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On the Test Stand

Once the unit is installed on the test stand, we use flow meters to see the oil flows of the charge pump and oil cooler. We use pressure gauges and pressure transducers to record system pressure, clutch pressure, converter pressure and lube pressure. We also monitor the oil filter and oil cooler bypass valve operation.

Oil flows, pressures, temperatures, and input / output RPM’s are monitored during the full test. Once the unit reaches its operating temperature these measurements are recorded. With our data acquisition we also can trace clutch pack engagements, this ensures that the proportional valves, and control valves are working as they should be.

Final Stamp of Approval

During the testing process our service techs are looking the unit over, checking for any oil leaks and monitoring the bearing temps. Once a successful test is completed a copy of the test report is loaded into the service report for that repair, which is available to the customer. After testing the unit will be inspected again for any possible oil leaks, cleaned and prepped for a fresh coat of paint.

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