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Limiting Downtime in Frac Applications with the Twin Disc 8500 Transmission

This article was originally published by Twin Disc as a case study. Palmer Johnson Power Systems is an authorized Twin Disc distributor and service center.

Twin Disc 85000 Orteq

Twin Disc powers hydraulic fracturing applications with the TA90-8501 transmission.


When Gainesville, Texas-based ORTEQ Energy Technologies was designing their hydraulic fracturing rigs, they turned to Twin Disc to provide transmissions with the necessary power and rugged reliability. ORTEQ, an OEM that manufactures equipment for the oil and gas industry, prides itself on providing long-lasting custom equipment to its clients. Their platforms are employed in applications across the energy development field and have to endure demanding working conditions.


As their manufacturing business expanded, ORTEQ needed a transmission that provided total integration with their hydraulic fracturing rigs, required minimal service downtime and could hold up to the roughest conditions.

Twin Disc 8500 Transmission


The ORTEQ team found their solution in the Twin Disc TA90-8501 9-Speed Transmission. Providing reliable power shift capability in the toughest conditions, the transmission is designed to be easy to operate and maintain throughout the entire product lifespan. Seamless integration is provided through the use of a proprietary electronic control system, which safeguards the transmission from unsafe shifts that could damage the clutch, transmission or other equipment. The TA90-8501 provides up to 3000 HP at 2100 rpm. An efficient mechanical design and customized electronic control system make it a perfect match for any application, from stationary equipment like fracturing rigs to mine haul trucks and more.

“We’re big fans of the 8500 because it’s served us well. We’ve been using it for quite some time with no major issues. In our industry, the equipment gets beat down. It has to run 24/7/365 with no breaks. When it’s time for maintenance, they bring it in, change the oil on it, and it goes right back to location. The 8500 is very high utilization, rugged equipment. It’s easy to maintain and operate” Dillon Ott, VP, ORTEQ Energy Technologies.

Features of the TA90-8501 Include:

  • Efficient gear train combined with electronic controls tailored to the needs of the specific application to optimize machine performance.
  • Available automatic shifting or manual power shift combined with shift inhibits and interlocks.
  • Durable heavy-duty components.

The electronic control system can be programmed to handle shifting automatically through a series of preset speeds and interlocks, allowing the operator to focus on the task at hand. The TA90-8501 comes in automatic and manual power shift variants. Both are designed to reduce wear and tear over the product lifespan.


The Twin Disc TA90-8501 provides long-lasting and durable performance in ORTEQ fracturing applications. The transmissions allow the applications to operate for long periods of time, under the most demanding work conditions, with little need for maintenance.

For more information on the Twin Disc 8500 transmission or to begin the exploration of utilizing a Twin Disc 85000 for your next application, contact our experts today!

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Twin Disc 8500 Frac Application Case Study

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