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Twin Disc AM370 & How it is Driving the Next Generation of Hybrid Log Stackers

This article was originally published by Twin Disc as a case study. Palmer Johnson Power Systems is an authorized Twin Disc distributor and service center.

Edilog log stacker twin disc am370 pump drive

Twin Disc drives next-generation hybrid log stackers, reducing emissions and increasing durability. An innovative design combines electric and diesel power to deliver significant fuel savings, reduced maintenance costs and a better driver experience.


Log stackers must operate flawlessly all day, every day to maintain pulp mill production—but continuous operation with traditional diesel engines leads to significant carbon dioxide emissions and high fuel costs. EdiLog was determined to create a more cost-effective, reliable log stacker that would be better for people in and around the machine, and better for the planet.


In addition to emissions issues, traditional diesel engines can be maintenance-intensive. Taking time for maintenance and repairs means costly interruptions to the workflow, in addition to the costs of repair work, spare parts and lubricant. Diesel engines also produce noise and vibration that can affect the machine operator.


EdiLog turned to Elforest Technologies to design a hybrid drive system combining electric and diesel operation. And Elforest chose the Twin Disc AM 370 Pump Drive. “We’re operating the diesel engine at 1200 RPM, which significantly reduces noise,” says Kjell Arne Engberg, EdiLog CEO. “The AM 370 at an 0.7:1 ratio gives us the hydraulic flow and generator efficiency we need.”

Energy is stored in ultracapacitors that deliver better performance than batteries and have a service life equal to that of a diesel engine. Reducing noise and vibration increases operator comfort. And the electric motor is simpler than a conventional gearbox, with fewer parts in the power train. That minimizes maintenance, maximizes reliability and lowers operating costs.

“The coupling between diesel and the AM 370 is now working flawlessly. We have delivered seven hybrid log stackers, and together they have run more than 50,000 hours.” Kjell Arne Engberg CEO, EdiLog


EdiLog’s next-generation log stacker takes sustainability to new levels with Twin Disc’s AM 370 Pump Drive, enhancing uptime for production-critical equipment.


  • Fuel savings estimated at 28%
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • CO2 emissions cut by 120 tons annually Savings breakout:

Savings breakout:

  • 5% from reusing kinetic energy
  • 5% from reducing idling
  • 25% with more efficient start and stop

Twin Disc AM 370 Pump Drives Deliver Essential Benefits:

  • Cast iron housings
  • Case hardened and ground spur gears
  • Ball bearings
  • Case hardened shafts
  • Viton seals on input shaft
  • Output rotation opposite the direction of input rotation
  • Gear ratios identical on all outputs
  • Modular design

For more information on Twin Disc's offering of pump drives or to begin the exploration of utilizing a Twin Disc pump drive for your next application, contact our pump drive experts today!

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