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Revolutionizing ARFF Vehicles: How Twin Disc Transmissions are Enhancing Fire Safety Solutions in Airports

This article was originally published by Twin Disc as a case study. Palmer Johnson Power Systems is an authorized Twin Disc distributor and service center.

Twin Disc NAFFCO ARFF Vehicle Image

A leading producer of internationally certified fire safety solutions turned to specialized Twin Disc transmissions for airport rescue and firefighting (ARFF) vehicles.


The world’s leading producer of internationally certified fire safety solutions, NAFFCO, sought a foothold in a new segment: airport rescue and firefighting (ARFF) vehicles. In designing their vehicles, they looked for components that would increase firefighting efficiency and effectiveness. And one of the first components they chose was the Twin Disc TD61-1179 transmission for ARFF vehicles.

Twin Disc TD61 1179 ARFF Transmission


The TD61-1179 ARFF transmission features advanced electronic controls to enable faster shifts, rapid acceleration and precise speed control to handle varying ground conditions and tractive requirements.

“Twin Disc is the only transmission/torque converter pair in the world that maintains constant pump performance regardless of vehicle speed,” says Yasin Kassab, manager, NAFFCO chassis assembly.

This pump-and-roll functionality lets the vehicle drive slowly while directing full power to the firefighting pump. Seamlessly integrated control of drive and pump-and-roll modes frees emergency responders to focus on their primary mission.

Twin Disc modified PTOs and flanges to meet NAFFCO needs, simplifying vehicle configuration. “Twin Disc also provided good technical support for the complete unit’s shift development and performance testing,” Yasin says. Our global service network is also key. The vehicles NAFFCO assembles at its Dubai, UAE headquarters are shipped all over the world, from Iceland to Mozambique.


The TD61-1179 ARFF transmission and remote mounted torque converter enable ARFF vehicles to arrive on scene faster and start pumping sooner. Teaming with Twin Disc, NAFFCO can advance its mission—the “Passion to Protect.”

For more information on Twin Disc's ARFF offerings or for assistance with your existing Twin Disc ARFF product, contact our ARFF experts today!


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Twin Disc NAFFCO ARFF Vehicle Case Study

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