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Twin Disc’s PTO & Clutch Update to a Ball Bearing Collar

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Twin Disc has recently announced a design update to the throwout collars within the SP, CX, and IBF series of PTOs and clutches. Previously, Twin Disc offered a bronze collar throwout and a ball-bearing style throwout collar. Twin Disc is obsoleting the bronze collar style, and moving forward, they will only offer the ball bearing style collar. This update is effective immediately for the SP and CX series. The update is making its way through the IBF series, but as of July 2022, the IBF series update is not fully complete.

Bronze Assembly S601


Twin Disc is making this change in an effort to manufacture a consistent product with a superior life of the engagement mechanism. The ball-bearing style collar is heavier duty and has a longer life span. Additionally, the ball bearing collar is made out of cast iron versus a bronze material for the bronze collar. This heavier-duty ball-bearing style collar has a longer life expectancy, resulting in less downtime and greater reliability for the users of these Twin Disc PTOs and clutches.

Bronze Collar X117


The biggest takeaway from this update is that you will receive a product with a superior life expectancy and quality compared to the competition. Resulting in fewer failures and lessened downtime.

Ball Bearing Assembly S670

It is also important to know that when replacing a clutch pack within a PTO or replacing an old-style bronze collar clutch or PTO with the new ball bearing style, additional items may need to be replaced. The accompanying items that need to be updated depend on the individual BOM (Bill of materials). Therefore, contact your Palmer Johnson representative for assistance updating a bronze collar clutch or PTO.

As of now, parts for the bronze collar assemblies are still available but are subject to being phased out in the future.

BB Collar W Bearing A4494


  • Update the spec tag on an existing PTO/clutch once the collar is updated to the ball bearing style. This will be useful in the future when servicing this unit.
  • OEMs should update their internal systems with the updated BOM numbers and update stocking plans for the replacement parts of the new ball-bearing style collar.
  • Discard old parts lists and update them with the new version.


We would be more than happy to provide you with the updated BOM numbers and accompanying parts lists for the updated ball-bearing style PTO or clutch. Contact the Palmer Johnson sales team with the current BOM number you have, and we’ll provide you with all the updated information you need.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team with further questions about this ball-bearing collar update.

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