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How the Twin Disc AM080 is THE Hydraulic Pump Solution

Twin Disc AM080 REPTO Drive

Within the powertrain market, a common pain point that we have seen from OEMs and new machine builders is that they need the ability to run hydraulic pumps off an engine while keeping down the overall size, weight, and complexity of the machine. In some instances, you can select an engine with auxiliary pads that will do the job. But, once you get into applications using a larger engine (500 HP and above) and larger hydraulic pumps, the auxiliary pumps don't typically get the job done. The issue is that the SAE pump and spline options offered as an auxiliary pad on an engine are minimal and do not support larger hydraulic pumps that use mounting pads such as an SAE C, D, and E.

We frequently come across machine builds where the customer is trying to circumvent the limitations of driving hydraulic pumps off of the auxiliary pads of an engine. They use a pump drive and then have a drive shaft off the pump drive to power their driven load. This is very complex and adds to the overall complexion of this new machine build.

These issues in the marketplace are something that Twin Disc, along with Palmer Johnson Power Systems, has identified and developed a solution to combat. In comes the Twin Disc AM080 rear-engine power take-off (REPTO). The AM080 REPTO drive bolts onto the engine’s flywheel and is positioned between the engine and the driven load. It will take up 16.23 inches of space between the engine’s input housing and the input housing of the driven load. It takes up limited space but allows flexibility to get the job done for nearly any demand.

What makes the Twin Disc AM080 stand out from the competition is that it handles an unrivaled amount of power. It will be a viable solution for some of the largest applications. It is rated to handle 1533 HP at 2200 RPM, making it a perfect fit for even the toughest of jobs.

You have the options of a single tower, which has two pump pads, along with a dual tower that provides a total of 4 pump pads with three ratio options that include 1.00:1, 0.87:1, & 0.77:1. With the ability to handle a high amount of power, it also comes with the flexible options to conform to your specific application. The input & output housings are offered in sizes ranging from SAE #3 to SAE #0. It can accommodate input & output flywheels ranging from SAE 11.5“to SAE 18”. The pump pads and pump splines are offered in sizes ranging from SAE A to SAE E.

On top of the unrivaled power of the AM080 REPTO drive, along with the wide range of input and output options, the AM080 is priced at a reasonable range that comes in lower than the competition. The kicker to everything that the AM080 offers is that Palmer Johnson Power Systems stocks the AM080 and may be able to provide you with a viable solution in just a few days.

If the AM080 sounds like the solution to any of the problems you are trying to overcome, give us a call today. Our application experts at Palmer Johnson Power Systems will be able to take in the specs of your application and determine if the AM080 is a good fit for your application.

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Twin Disc AM080 REPTO Drive Specs

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