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5 ways PJ pays tribute to Wisconsin

We love local.

You love living in your home state, so do we. Palmer Johnson Power Systems (PJ) recognizes our Wisconsin roots in the design of the new office. PJ spun off from Palmer Johnson Yachts in 1977 which started in Sturgeon Bay, WI. Over 14 years ago we landed in Sun Prairie, WI and that has been our home ever since.

During the summer of 2018 our headquarters was remodeled to accommodate the growing team. We took this opportunity to redesign our space to reflect our culture and location.

To learn more about our Wisconsin roots, click here.

These are some different ways we have recognized our Wisconsin roots in the new design.

1. The Press Box: A University of Wisconsin Badger football themed room, featuring a wall mural of Camp Randall.


2. Lambeau: Green Bay Packers themed room, featuring a wall mural of Lambeau Field and three Packer jerseys.


3. Beers' of Wisconsin: Local beer themed art installation, featuring a map of Wisconsin with 14 breweries.


4. Yachts: Palmer Johnson Yacht themed area, featuring assorted pictures of yachts that were produced by Palmer Johnson Yachts in Sturgeon Bay, WI


5. Madison Tribute: We have multiple Madison themed art pieces throughout the office, including a Madison chain of lakes art piece, multiple Wisconsin Union art pieces and a few picture collages.

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