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What are the types of Mechanical Power Take-Offs?

In addition to the endless sizes, there is a variety of power take-off (PTO) types on the market and we are here to help. Whether you upgrading a PTO, or need a replacement unit or part, our experts will assist you in finding the perfect solution. While we are happy to help in finding the correct power take-off, it can be helpful to know and recognize the different types of power take-offs to ensure you are getting the correct type for your application.

Here are four standard types of Twin Disc PTOs:

Twin Disc SP314 IL PTO

Standard Friction Power Take-Offs

This is the easy-to-mount unit consisting of a clutch assembly with shaft and bearings in a rigid cast iron housing. Designed for manual operation on all internal combustion engines with standard SAE flywheel housings from No. 6 to No. 00. Triple-plate 11.5" to 21"; double-plate 11.5' to 18'; single-plate 6.5" to 14". Capacities to 1670 horsepower and 8400 lbs.-ft. torque. All Twin Disc Power Take-Offs come standard with composite clutch plates that have to wear resistant teeth for longer life and sealed-for-life pilot bearings for reduced maintenance. For high-speed applications nodular iron drive rings are available.

Twin Disc CA210 PTO

Rubber Block Drive Power Take-Offs

This special-purpose PTO is intended for heavy-duty applications not requiring a cut-off clutch. The need for a flywheel pilot bearing has been eliminated in some models. Twin Disc's proven rubber block drive absorbs the minor misalignment usually found between the engine fly-wheel and the PTO connecting member. Depending on the load to be transmitted, a single or double row of rubber blocks can be used.


Straddle Bearing Power Take-Offs

The Straddle Bearing PTO was explicitly designed for high horsepower, high side load, heavy-duty applications. Rugged benefit features include cast iron housings, cylindrical roller bearings, nodular iron drive ring, and ball bearing throw out collar. Unique style sheave housing easily accepts a 14" diameter 10 groove sheave, This sheave housing allows for belts to pass inside and/or outside of the housing. Housing versatility also allows for repositioning. Additionally, the need for an engine mounted pilot bearing has been eliminated.

Twin Disc RO PTO

Remote Over Center Power Take-Offs

The Standard RO PTO is a hydraulic or pneumatically-actuated mechanical clutch. The RO PTO allows users to engage remotely and has been developed with a number of unique features that offer reliability, productivity, and power, including greaseable shaft bearings, a permanently sealed pilot bearing, and field retrofit kit option. The RO PTO is suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty applications including crushers, grinders, and mulchers.

Originally published 6/15/2020

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