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Steve Sorg

Branch Manager

Words can’t paint the picture. Steve needed to be experienced. Those of you who worked with him or knew Steve understand this. You had to see him speed-walking from his office to the fax machine. You had to realize that you had to call him back because you never got a chance to ask your question. You had to witness his legendary presentation at the 2010 branch managers’ meeting or share a 5:01 Bud Light as he scanned through the day’s orders.

Steve was about passion. He was pure energy. Full bore. It came through in his faxes and in the commas of his emails. Like his father, he loved his work and he loved serving customers. From the “funny little guy” needing an o-ring to an Egyptian buying a $100,000 torque converter, Steve loved them all. This led to great successes at Palmer Johnson, both for Steve and for the company. He was one of our very best product experts, salespeople, branch managers and friends. Whatever Steve did, it was 100%. He truly is irreplaceable.

Steve once suggested Palmer Johnson’s mission should be to “Deliver great customer service thru hard work, extra effort & attention to detail.”

Mr. Steve, mission accomplished. You did good. You will always be part of the Palmer Johnson family.