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A very prevalent series of legacy pump drives that are still in the field with large numbers is the line of Hub City pump drives. This series of pump drives has been passed down through the years from Hub City, Federal Gear Products, and lastly by Durst which is a division of Regal Beloit. The Hub City pump drives are no longer in active production and Hub City pump drive and Hub City gearbox parts are also no longer available.

Here at Palmer Johnson we have recognized the need for support on the Hub City pump drive product line as we are often asked about them from our customers. With that, we have refined a process for updating your old Hub City pump drive to a unit that is in current production. A replacement pump drive can be built up and ready to ship in as quick as 2-3 days.

Whether you are just needing parts, service, or a complete pump drive replacement, make Palmer Johnson your first call and we will make this process easier than you knew was possible. Contact us today for all of your Hub City pump drive needs!

Hub City Pump Drive Common Model Numbers:

751C Pump Drive, 1 Pad
751D Pump Drive, 1 Pad
751E Pump Drive, 1 Pad
751F Pump Drive, 1 Pad
762C Pump Drive, 2 Pad
762E Pump Drive, 2 Pad
762F Pump Drive, 2 Pad
802C Pump Drive, 2 Pad
802E Pump Drive, 2 Pad
802F Pump Drive, 2 Pad
763C Pump Drive, 3 Pad
763E Pump Drive, 3 Pad
763F Pump Drive, 3 Pad
803C Pump Drive, 3 Pad
803E Pump Drive, 3 Pad
803F Pump Drive, 3 Pad
804C Pump Drive, 4 Pad
804E Pump Drive, 4 Pad
804F Pump Drive, 4 Pad

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