Funk Three Pad Electric Pump Drive EPD 3

The Funk 3 Pad Electric Pump Drives are designed, tested, and manufactured to withstand the same harsh operating environments as all Funk components. The Funk Electric Pump Drive assembly utilizes an eDrive as the power input to a Funk 28000 series pump drive configured to meet your application requirements.

Palmer Johnson offers pump drive application support from the beginning design phases all the way to installation in your machine. Contact our pump drive experts for further support with a Funk 3 pad electric pump drive.

Funk 3 Pad Electric Pump Drive Features:

  • Option for 100 or 200 eDrive model depending on power level required
  • 3 open pads for mounting pumps
  • Multiple gear ratios available for Electric Pump Drives.
  • Pump mount / spline: SAE B, SAE C, SAE D
  • Output options: Flange Shaft, Keyed Shaft
  • Max output speed: 3000 RPM
  • Max output torque (per pump pad): 881 Nm (650 lb-ft)

Funk 3 Pad Electric Pump Drive Ratings:

ModelSystem VoltageMaximum Ratings
EPD 100-3
700 VDC
3 open pads
EPD 200-3
700 VDC
3 open pads

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Model Numbers:
EPD 100-3, EPD 200-3

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