Funk planetary f25

Palmer Johnson is an authorized Funk service center and distributor. We maintain an extensive inventory of Funk F25 planetary gear drive parts along with factory trained technicians that can get you back up and running in no time. Contact the experts today to learn more about how we can help you with your Funk F25 planetary gear drive needs.


Input power (max): 71 kW (95 hp)

Input speed (max): 2800 rpm

Output torque (intermittent): 33,895 Nm (25,000 lb-ft)

Output torque (continuous): 18,710 Nm (13,800 lb-ft)

Variety of input options

  • Straight in for an on centerline adaption giving a symmetrical clearance around the hydraulic motor input
  • Offset straight in allows the hydraulic motor to be mounted off-center
  • Right angle input moves the hydraulic motor perpendicular to the centerline

Variety of output options

  • With external shaft includes keyed, flanged or splint options to meet the various required output connections
  • An added output option includes the outputw without external shaft by offering an internal spline at the output

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Assembly & Model Numbers:

F25, F25R, F25S, F25T, F25P, F25PL, F25RD, F25RL, F25RO, 10552, 11409, 11623, 11833, 11920, 12717, 7327, 9306, YZ15218, YZ16712, YZ16882, YZ19278, YZ19358, YZ214149, YZ14888, 7999, 13569, 5899, 7851, 7852, YZ05245, YZ12163, YZ13914, YZ14078, YZ14093, YZ14173, YZ14759, YZ14847, YZ15084, YZ15216, YZ15217, YZ15268, YZ15505, YZ15720, YZ15721, YZ15722, YZ15893, YZ15918, YZ15919, YZ15920, YZ16092, YZ16387, YZ16582, YZ17198, YZ17521, YZ18033, YZ18284, YZ18304, YZ18493, YZ18970, YZ19090, YZ14491, YZ19916

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