Funk DF250 transmission

Palmer Johnson is an authorized Funk service center and distributor. We maintain an extensive inventory of Funk DF250 powershift transmission parts along with factory trained technicians that can get you back up and running in no time. Contact the experts today to learn more about how we can help you with your Funk DF250 powershift transmission needs.


Net input power (max): 186 kW (250 hp)

Input no load speed (max): 2600 rpm

Converter stall torque (max): 1898 Nm (1400 lb-ft)

Engine net peak torque (max): 949 Nm (700 lb-ft) direct drive

General Data

Rotation: -

Input: Counterclockwise


Forward, same as input
Reverse, opposite input
550 mm (21.65 in) drop

Approximate dry weight: 680 kg (1500 lb)

Mounting: Engine, midship, or remote

Speeds: 4F/4R, 8F/4R, 11F/3R

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Assembly & Model Numbers: DF250, DF25013E000A, DF25013MODOA, DF25044R40DA, DF25084R, DF2514, DF2584E00DA, DF2584E400A, DF25084E4OW, DF25084R40WA, DF25044E1400A, DF25044M40WA, DF25113R0NO, DF250044M400A, DF25044E4OWA, DF25044E40WA, DF2584E4DDA, DF2584E000A, DF2513E000A, DF25044E400A, DF25114E000A, DF25084R2DWA, DF25084E40DA, DF25084E400A, DF2544R40DA, DF250114E000A, DF250113E0D0A, DF25113M0D0A, DF25113E000A, DF2544M400A, DF25084E40W, DF25084E00WA, DF25113E00WA, DF25084E40WA, DF25084R000A, DF25044E4DWA, DF25113M0DDA, DF25044M400A, DF25113M000A, DF250044, DF250113, DF250114, DF25044, DF25084, DF25113, DF25114, DF2544, DF2584, DF2513, DF2514 YZ19171, YZ16210, YZ15778, YZ17731, YZ18546, YZ16234, YZ17138, YZ15172, YZ16821, YZ17561, YZ16980, YZ17051, YZ19770, YZ19773, YZ19893, YZ19902, YZ19903, YZ19917, YZ19999, YZ20027, YZ20044, YZ20072, YZ20098, YZ20103, YZ20111, YZ20115, YZ20121, YZ20122, YZ20130, YZ20143, YZ20188, YZ20189, YZ20401, YZ20555, YZ20565, YZ16185, YZ16230, YZ16240, YZ16580, YZ17251, YZ17265, YZ17963, YZ18502, YZ18535, YZ18545, YZ18629, YZ18939, YZ18945, YZ19101, YZ19104, YZ19140, YZ19152, YZ19168, YZ19174, YZ19178, YZ19258, YZ19292, YZ19338, YZ19345, YZ19385, YZ19435, YZ19436, YZ19524, YZ19572, YZ19575, YZ19589, YZ19596, YZ19600, YZ19618

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