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Since 1987 Torsion Control Products (TCP) has been the leader in providing custom engineered spring couplings for an array of off-highway powertain applications. TCP's couplings are found connecting diesel engines to transmissions, hydraulic pump drives, torque converters, gearboxes and more in markets including Agriculture, Construction, Marine, Mining, and Industrial.

With the addition of newer tiers of diesel engines (Tier III, Tier IV), engines are being designed with more power in smaller packages at lower operating speeds which frequently creates an increased amount of torsional vibrations. That's where TCP couplings come in. Torsion Control Products' spring couplings are specially designed for your application to reduce the torsional vibrations and protect the equipment within your drivetrain. With the use of TCP couplings, you can expect to receive proven durability and long life of your spring coupling and drivetrain components!

Contact Palmer Johnson Power Systems the next time you need a torsional coupling. Whether you're working on a brand new application or you have an existing TCP coupling on your machine, we have the expertise to get you a solution fast. We also have a large inventory of Torsion Control Products couplings in stock with same-day shipping.

In an industry where hours matter, turn to the off-highway company with the best-in-class customer service. Contact us today!

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Common Part Numbers: 

TC19694, TC19303, TC19833, TC19710, TC19858, TC19445, TC19730, TC191017, TC19340, TC19347, TC19628, TC19635, TC19727, TC35066, TC19473, TC19155, TC19277, TC19310, TC19344, TC19449, TC19596, TC19708, TC19729, TC19926, TC19953, TC35003, TC35008, TC35012, TC19933, 19694, 19303, 19833, 19710, 19858, 19445, 19730, 191017, 19340, 19347, 19628, 19635, 19727, 35066, 19473, 19155, 19277, 19310, 19344, 19449, 19596, 19708, 19729, 19926, 19953, 35003, 35008, 35012, 19933, Z-19694, Z-19303, Z-19833, Z-19710, Z-19858, Z-19445, Z-19730, Z-191017, Z-19340, Z-19347, Z-19628, Z-19635, Z-19727, Z-35066, Z-19473, Z-19155, Z-19277, Z-19310, Z-19344, Z-19449, Z-19596, Z-19708, Z-19729, Z-19926, Z-19953, Z-35003, Z-35008, Z-35012, Z-19933, Z19694, Z19303, Z19833, Z19710, Z19858, Z19445, Z19730, Z191017, Z19340, Z19347, Z19628, Z19635, Z19727, Z35066, Z19473, Z19155, Z19277, Z19310, Z19344, Z19449, Z19596, Z19708, Z19729, Z19926, Z19953, Z35003, Z35008, Z35012, Z19933, TC19209, TC19279, TC19291, TC19297, TC19338, TC19543, TC19622, TC19664, TC19709, TC19748, TC19752, TC19753, TC19895, TC19911, TC19945, TC19965, TC19966, TC19969, TC19988, TC19996, TC191023, TC191037, TC191117, TC191144, TC19250, TC19272, TC19282, TC19286, TC19349, TC19358, TC19469, TC19723, TC19724, TC19758, TC19785, TC19793, TC19862, TC19879, TC19894, TC19907, TC19930, TC191090, TC191091, 19209, 19279, 19291, 19297, 19338, 19543, 19622, 19664, 19709, 19748, 19752, 19753, 19895, 19911, 19945, 19965, 19966, 19969, 19988, 19996, 191023, 191037, 191117, 191144, 19250, 19272, 19282, 19286, 19349, 19358, 19469, 19723, 19724, 19758, 19785, 19793, 19862, 19879, 19894, 19907, 19930, 191090, 191091, Z-19209, Z-19279, Z-19291, Z-19297, Z-19338, Z-19543, Z-19622, Z-19664, Z-19709, Z-19748, Z-19752, Z-19753, Z-19895, Z-19911, Z-19945, Z-19965, Z-19966, Z-19969, Z-19988, Z-19996, Z-191023, Z-191037, Z-191117, Z-191144, Z-19250, Z-19272, Z-19282, Z-19286, Z-19349, Z-19358, Z-19469, Z-19723, Z-19724, Z-19758, Z-19785, Z-19793, Z-19862, Z-19879, Z-19894, Z-19907, Z-19930, Z-191090, Z-191091, Z19209, Z19279, Z19291, Z19297, Z19338, Z19543, Z19622, Z19664, Z19709, Z19748, Z19752, Z19753, Z19895, Z19911, Z19945, Z19965, Z19966, Z19969, Z19988, Z19996, Z191023, Z191037, Z191117, Z191144, Z19250, Z19272, Z19282, Z19286, Z19349, Z19358, Z19469, Z19723, Z19724, Z19758, Z19785, Z19793, Z19862, Z19879, Z19894, Z19907, Z19930, Z191090, Z191091

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