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Twin Disc Veth Rudder Propellers (Azimuth Thrusters)

Looking for a propulsion system that offers unrivaled maneuverability and flexibility? Look no further than the Veth rudder propellers. Veth Propulsion develops and produces various types of rudder propellers from 50 kW up to 3MW. Veth's azimuth thrusters are available in their Veth Z-Drive and Veth L-Drive configurations. Additionally, Veth provides various rudder propellers including retractable thrusters, hybrid drives, swing outs, retractable, and deck mounted units.

Veth Z-Drives

Originally developed in the early 1990s, the Z-Drive has become the go-to choice for large vessels needing maximum maneuverability. Thanks to its full 360-degree thrust vectoring, the Veth Z-Drive doesn’t need a reverse clutch – providing it with maximum maneuverability. And because it can be mounted in a variety of ways, the Z-Drive is also perfect for custom installations. Add in its compact design and noise-reducing capabilities, and it’s easy to see why the Veth Z-Drive is such a popular choice among boat owners and operators worldwide

Veth L-Drives

Veth Propulsion has developed a revolutionary concept for the electric propulsion field with their Veth Integrated L-Drive. The Veth L-Drive offers the following benefits:

  • Compact design: extremely low mounting space requirements
  • High efficiency
  • Quiet; minimal noise production
  • Low weight
  • Built using proven Veth Propulsion technology
  • Outstanding maneuverability thanks to the 360-degree thrust
  • Electric motor inside the ship; few vulnerable components underwater
  • Simple to install
  • Slip ring cabinet unnecessary
  • Optimal flow of water thanks to ’Shark Tail’ on counter-rotating propeller

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