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Brandt Rail Truck

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Brandt Rail Truck

modernization prototype project like none other. The PJ RECON team realized the need for a modern transmission solution that would extend the life of a specialty truck; a replacement for an aging and now discontinued CEEMAT automatic transmission commonly used in early Brandt/Western Star rail trucks.

The project came to life as a result of great up-front work selling the idea and system to the customer who was intrigued by the idea of replacing the Eaton Fuller CEEMAT with an Allison transmission and control system. The project entailed extensive front-end work addressing many components and system changes to ensure performance. Not a drop in by any means. Space constraints required engineering new mounts and driveline adjustments that all passed the analysis and tests ran by Allison.

When the truck hit the rails for the first time the team was excited to see that the engine was strong, chassis was strong, shift points were smooth, data was correct, and the cooling system took care of business. Great performance and reliability for the remaining life of a truck that otherwise would be headed to scrap. Our customers were very impressed and plan to utilize our services for several more trucks. We are thankful for the confidence our customers have in PJ RECON and everyone who has had a hand in the Re-Power project.