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The Power of CENTA Couplings in the Marine Market

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You might know CENTA for their popular CENTAFLEX-R couplings which are used in many close coupled marine transmission applications, but did you know that CENTA also offers a wide array of flexible couplings and intermediate drive shaft solutions for other marine applications such as remote mounted transmissions, waterjets & Z-Drives? CENTA provides torsional couplings and shafting systems that offer superior, long-term performance to support the power requirements of complex marine applications. They can also assist in providing torsional vibration analysis for newbuilds and troubleshooting tough vibration conditions.

CENTALINK is one of the most popular intermediate driveshaft solutions in the marine industry. It is a torsionally stiff, constant velocity driveshaft that is high-performing with noise dampening characteristics. CENTALINK features a unique "dogbone" design with the ability to compensate significant axial, radial, and angular misalignments and shock loads.

Centa Centalink Driveshaft Coupling

It provides a smooth transfer of power between the engine and drive unit by using flexible rubber bushings that allow movement along multiple planes while maintaining a tight, backlash free connection. It offers high speed operation and higher torque capacity, making it ideal for marine applications such as engine shafts for vessel propulsion systems. The CENTALINK is commonly used in Z-Drive  and waterjet applications in combination with lightweight carbon fiber tubes.

CENTADISC-C is an all composite driveshaft that is often used in waterjet applications. The CENTADISC-C boasts a torsionally stiff design, yet is capable of compensating considerable misalignments and is free of backlash. It is ideal for long spans due to low weight and high strength, eliminating the need for additional intermediate bearings.

Centa CENTADISC C Driveshaft Coupling

CENTADISC-C is a driveshaft designed to accommodate medium torque loads at high speeds with relatively high flexibility. This makes it suitable for waterjet applications.

CENTAFLEX-RV is another great coupling from CENTA that can be employed in various applications within the marine industry, and is used in remote applications that are utilizing a cardan style drive shaft.

Centa Centaflex RV Coupling

The CENTAFLEX-RV coupling is characterized by progressive stiffness, with low stiffness at lower speeds and moderately increased stiffness at rising speed and torque. This highly flexible torsional coupling offers improved dampening which helps reduce transmission noise and vibrations associated with gear train backlash.

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Overall, CENTA couplings are a reliable choice for most marine applications due to their robust design features that increase service life over time while delivering continuous improvements in torsional dampening, efficiency and performance levels.

From leisurely yachts to passenger ferries, Navy & Coast Guard vessels to industrial tugboats & pushboats, CENTA couplings provide a reliable solution that stands up against even some of the harshest environments nature has created. Get the answers and support you need with CENTA Couplings - contact our marine experts today!

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