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Full-Line Equipment Service

Over the course of the last few years, Palmer Johnson has expanded into full-line equipment services at all locations. Now, we are offering large fleets turn-key equipment service solutions helping them off-set high fixed costs of full maintenance departments. We offer cost effective, quick-turnaround, high quality repairs and a single alternative solution to the OEM Equipment Dealers. Our teams work to expedite repairs to meet our customers’ needs.

Turn-Key Fleet Maintenance

Our Service Centers are equipped to do one off repairs as well as work with larger fleets to establish a turn-key fleet maintenance programs to fit their changing needs. We first work with our Customer to find out where their needs are and where we can help, then we ensure we have the relationships in place to do it cost effectively. Once we determined how we can help we begin performing repairs.

Scale and Efficiency

This expansion was largely driven by customer demand and was made possible by our own 5S and Continuous Improvement efforts. As Palmer Johnson concentrated on 5S and organizing our Service Centers to maximize our own shop efficiencies, our overall shop service space opened up significantly. We went from barely being able to get 1 or 2 pieces of Construction Equipment in at the majority of our locations; to being able to fit 6-10 pieces of equipment comfortably in at any of our 6 Palmer Johnson Service Centers.

Coast-to-Coast Coverage

We have optimized our shop floors to perform hard-down service on several pieces of equipment at a time while not imposing on our shop work-flow. This means we can continue to be a leader in quality and turn-around which is what our customer demands. At our Santa Fe Springs , CA we went from having 5,000 sq-ft of Service Space to close to 15,000 sq-ft and we added in a second 14’ roll-up service door to easily get equipment in and out when access to our main door was blocked.

In this time, we also established a strong network of partnership OEM’s that allows us to perform equipment repairs backed with full-factory support. We have always specializes in powertrain components but now offer a complete range of powertrain support including: Engine, Transmission, Axles and Hydraulic systems.

In addition to powertrain solutions our services include:

  • Hydraulic troubleshooting and repair
  • Hydraulic cylinder rebuild
  • Complete powertrain solution: engines, drivelines, transmission and axles
  • Electronic diagnostics
  • Weld inspection and repair
  • Frame-off repair
  • Facilitate line-boring
  • Boom cable, hose & section replacements and repair
  • General Equipment inspection and trouble-shooting

We stand behind all repairs and work with a close knit group of vendors to help us meet our customers’ needs. Our attention to detail gives you the confidence when you need it 24/7.

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