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What Are Durst Pump Drive Nomenclature Codes Used For?

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Pump Drives typically list a spec number on the unit. The spec number allows you to order replacement parts and find information on the unit correctly. However, Durst’s new generation of pump drives will often list a nomenclature code in place of the spec number. The nomenclature code is found on the spec tag, riveted to the pump drive housing. Similar to a spec number, the nomenclature code helps order parts and find unit-specific literature, including spec sheets and manuals. While the nomenclature code looks random, in reality, each number and letter signifies a different component of the pump drive. This code will tell you the configuration for each Durst pump drive.

Durst Pump Drives that feature a nomenclature code:

1PD06, 1PD09, 2PD05, 2PD06, 2PD08, 2PD10, 3PD06, 3PD08, 3PD10, 4PD08, 4PD09, 4PD11, 5PD11

Input Options

There are slight differences in the meaning of each nomenclature code between the drive plate input, clutch input, and independent input assemblies. Yet, the main principles remain the same. Below are a few examples of a nomenclature code for a Durst 2PD06 pump drive. You will see that the main components of this nomenclature code are labeled as 1-14, and there is a nomenclature code for all 3 different style inputs.

Breaking down the Durst Nomenclature Code:

Durst Independent Input Nomenclature Code Example

1: The model

2: The ratio

3: Specifies if the ratio is an increasing or decreasing ratio. However, Item 3 will be blank if the ratio is 1:1.

4, 5, 6: Variable items that change based on the type of input.

  • Independent input: items 4, 5, and 6 equal just one variable. They tell you what style of independent input is used. For example, in the above example of the independent input nomenclature, “003” refers to a 2.50“ keyed shaft input.
  • Drive plate input: item 4 denotes if the original pump drive had a drive plate. Item 5 signifies the size of the engine adapter housing. Finally, item 6 refers to the size of the drive plate.
  • Clutch input: item 4 tells the size of the clutch housing. Item 5 denotes the size of the clutch along with the offset. Finally, item 6 indicates the pilot bearing size
Durst Pad Position Image1

Noting the Number of Pads

In the Durst nomenclature examples shown, the pump drives are all 2PD06 models with 2 pads. Therefore the nomenclature code will only include pump pad and pump spline options for 2 outputs. However, if the unit was a 4PD11 with 4 pads, the nomenclature code would be longer and would display pump pad and pump spline options for a total of 4 outputs.

Durst Nomenclature Code Continued:

Durst Clutch Input Nomenclature Code Example

7, 8, 9: These denote the size of the pump pad, pump spline, and the mounting position of the pad for the position 1 output. Item 7 refers to the pump pad, item 8 correlates to the pump spline, and item 9 is for the mounting position of the pad.

10, 11, 12: These denote the size of the pump pad, pump spline, and the mounting position of the pad for the position 2 output. Item 10 refers to the pump pad, item 11 correlates to the pump spline, and item 12 is for the mounting position of the pad.

Durst Drive Plate Input Nomenclature Code Example

13: Signifies if the pump drive has a dipstick. If it does, the code notes which side of the pump drive it is mounted on.

14: Signifies the mounting position of the pump drive and whether or not special features were built into the pump drive.

The nomenclature code displays “N” for non-standard or “X” for special 14. Please reach out to your Durst distributor representative if you have either of these codes and need a parts list for your pump drive. They will assist you in determining what is special or non-standard about your pump drive.

Below are full options for the variables and their meanings within the Durst nomenclature code.

While you may not ever memorize this information, the ability to recognize that your unit has a nomenclature code will save you time and a headache. So the next time you need parts or more information about your Durst Pump Drive, remember you have the full configuration of your pump drive at your fingertips, within the nomenclature code. Our team of experts is also available to assist you in ordering any new parts!

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