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Durst Pump Drive Model Numbers Explained

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In addition to the superior performance and durability that the Durst new generation pump drives provide, they also have an incredibly useful and easy-to-understand methodology around their model numbers.

Outputs and Gear Center Distance

Within the five-digit model number, you can determine the number of outputs and the gear center distance. The gear center distance is the centerline of the input gear to the centerline of the mating output gear. Continue reading to learn how you can take the five-digit model number and instantly have a better understanding of what piece of machinery you have.

Durst's New Generation of Pump Drive Models:

Example: 3PD08

Durst 3 PD08
  • The “3” indicates that there are a total of 3 outputs on this pump drive.
  • The “08” indicates that the gear center distance is 8 inches.

Pump Drive Gear Sizes

If you look at the model list above, you will see that Durst offers three pump drives with three outputs. The 3PD06, 3PD08, and 3PD10. The larger the gear center distance means that the pump drive uses larger internal gears and is, therefore, able to handle a higher amount of input torque. In short, the larger the gear center distance, the larger the application the pump drive is able to support.

Durst 2 PD05

Example: 2PD06

Let’s break down one more pump drive model number as an example. One of the most popular pump drives that Durst offers is the 2PD06. The “2” indicates that there are a total of 2 outputs. The “06” indicates that the gear center is 6 inches.

5 Digits & How They Can Help

Little tidbits of information like the meaning behind the 5 digit Durst pump drive model number are the things that can help you better understand the piece of equipment that you have. Additionally, it can assist in ordering parts, and replacement pump drives if you can supply the model number.

For any and all assistance with your Durst pump drives, Palmer Johnson has the experts. So give us a call today!

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