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How to Identify your Dana/Spicer Off Highway Unit

In this video we discuss the important information on your Dana/Spicer spec tag/data plate in order to fully identify your unit. In most instances, to proceed with parts, service, or technical service you will need to identify your unit. We also provide steps on how to proceed if there is no spec tag on your unit. This video can be used with identifying the following Dana/Spicer products:

  •  Dana/Spicer off highway transmissions
  • Dana/Spicer off highway torque converters
  • Dana/Spicer off highway axles
  • Dana/Spicer off highway differentials

For further assistance identifying your Dana/Spicer unit, you can contact us through the below methods:

Phone: (800) 341-4334
Email: [email protected]

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