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Murphy by Enovation Controls PV101C Discontinued

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Murphy by Enovation Controls has recently discontinued their popular PowerView display module, PV101-C. Even though the PV101-C will no longer be offered, you have options whether you need a service replacement or use these in new application builds.

Palmer Johnson made a large last-time purchase of the PV101-C. Please contact us to secure your purchase of this soon-to-be discontinued PowerView display module.

Murphy by Enovation Controls offers an upgraded version of the PowerView display module that you can use in place of your existing PV101-C, the PV380-R3. The PV380 has all of the same capabilities as the PV101-C and more.

Dimensional and wiring differences must be accounted for when replacing a PV101-C with a PV380.

Dimensional Differences

  • PV380 has a larger overall footprint compared to the PV101-C
    • PV380 Dimensions: 4.324“ H x 4.600” W
    • PV101-C Dimensions: 3.700“ H x 4.300” W
  • PV380 requires a larger mounting hole compared to the PV101-C
    • PV380 Mounting Hole Dimensions: 3.360“ Diameter
    • PV101-C Mounting Hole Dimensions: 2.062“ Diameter

Wiring Differences

  • PV380 utilizes (1) 6 pin Deutsch connector and (1) 12 pin Deutsch connector
  • PV101C utilizes a (2) 6 pin Deutsch connectors
  • In service replacement applications going from a PV101-C to a PV380, it is recommended to purchase a 12 pin, one-foot whip harness (part number 78001060). This whip harness will be used in place of the 6 pin Deutsch connector from port B in the PV101-C.
PV101 C to PV380 Replacement Instructions

PV101-C to PV380 Replacement Instructions

Please contact the experts at Palmer Johnson Power Systems for more information regarding the discontinuation of the Murphy by Enovation Controls PV101-C PowerView display module.

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