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Twin Disc PTO Support Plates 101

Large Twin Disc power take-offs require rear support plates, but why?

Applications that exert a high amount of side load on the output need a larger PTO. Sideload can be detrimental to the life expectancy of the PTO, which is where support plates come in.

Solid Steel Reinforcement

A support plate is a 5/8" or 3/4" solid steel plate that helps absorb some of the torque and reduces the sideload impact on the PTO. Larger PTOs are also more prone to flexing under force due to their larger surface area. Support plates help mitigate the effects of flex on the PTO. Support plates also extend the units' bearing life, relieve stress on the engine crankshaft, and prevent premature pilot bearing failure & damage to the primary clutch shaft.

Twin Disc PTOs have predrilled holes in the back of the housing to accept a support plate. The support plate is custom ordered for your unit, and when it is installed, it gets connected to the PTO and engine frame.


Support Plate Uses

Twin Disc PTOs with 3-plate 11.5" or 2-plate 14" and larger use support plates. When purchasing a new Twin Disc PTO, our team of experts will help you order the correct support plates. If you replace an existing, installed Twin Disc PTO, you can probably reuse the current support plates.

Twin Disc PTO's That Require a Support Plate:

SP214IL, SP214P, SP218P, SP311P, SP314IL, SP314P, SP314S, SP318IL, SP318P, SP318S, SP321P,IB214P, IB314IL, IB314P, IB318IL, IB318P, IB321IL, IB321P

Palmer Johnson Experts Available

Ultimately, the support plate maximizes the life expectancy of a Twin Disc PTO and ensures that you stay up and running as long as possible. So next time you need a new power take-off and accompanying support plates, the experts at Palmer Johnson are here to help!

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